about GG
a programmer with an affinity for the arts

I graduated May 2011 from Clemson University with a Bachelor's of Arts in Computer Science and a minor in Japanese.

Although I currently work as a technical consultant, I have an adoration for the arts and hope to expand my artistic abilities so that I can complement (and maybe at the same time, improve) my technical skills.

The following are just a few set of languages/programs I have played with (though maybe not yet mastered) in my journey so far:
  • C, C++, Java
  • Matlab, SPARC, Flex, Bison, Python
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery/Ajax, XML, PHP, Various Web APIs
  • Processing, OpenGL
  • Visual Basic, C#, ASP.NET
  • Oracle/SQL, MS SQL, MySQL
  • Git, Subversion
  • Windows Servers, Apache Servers
  • CMS's such as Drupal and WordPress
  • Frameworks such as CakePHP (MVC)
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Due to a recent hard drive failure, I've lost most, if not all of the work I did during school. In addition, due to the majority of the work I've done after school being proprietary work, I'm unable to provide the best sample set of programs or higher quality images for some of the photography section.

coding samples of previous works

Recursive Raytracer - CpSc 405 Project

Spring 2011, Read Me & Makefile Included
Used: C++, OpenGL, GLUT

MeTube - CpSc 462 Final Project

Spring 2011, Documentation Included
Used: PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL/SQL, Javascript/jQuery

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